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Christmas 2021 and New Years 2022  

Our office WILL NOT be closed for Christmas Day or New Years Day since these holidays fall on a Saturday.  

We will be open and running on both Christmas Eve, Friday December 24th and New Years Eve, Friday December 31st.

Friday customers will need to make sure to put their trash out on Thursday evening before both of these dates. The dumps will likely be closing early so we will need to get an extra early start. 



We know that customers will have a lot of boxes and extra trash after Christmas. Please make sure if you do have boxes that you break them down as best as possible. It makes thing so much easier on our drivers to have a pile of boxes that are flattened. We also ask if you do have extra trash beside the cart that it is bagged so they can easily collect it. Thank you for your help in this.


We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season. 



Please note our office has moved into Washington. We are now located at 1227 Page Road in the industrial park on the west side of Washington. We are the blue building on the corner of Cherry Run Road. 


We also now have a new billing address and will be placing this address on bills starting in May. 


Please remit your payments to:  


PO Box 1911, Washington, NC 27889. 


If you have sent a payment to the PO Box in Bath that is just fine. We are keeping that box open until we can get everything switched over to the new box so we will be checking that box on a daily basis. 


MATERIALS PLACED FOR COLLECTION: Residential collection means that we will collect waster that comes from the general operation of your household. Please bag all trash as it helps keep your cart clean and helps keep trash from blowing out while dumping your cart.  Boxes and other large items that will not fit well in a bag may be placed in, on or next to the cart for collection. You must not place tires, used oil, lead-acid batteries or any other hazardous, dangerous or illegal materials in your trash for collection.

MATERIALS NOT ACCEPTED: Paint, concrete/bricks, construction debris, yard waste, appliances, furniture, animals, electronic waste, or any other hazardous, dangerous and/or illegal materials are not accepted. These items will not be collected due to possible equipment damage or landfill restrictions.

YOU SHOULD PLACE YOUR TRASH FOR COLLECTION – THE EVENING BEFORE YOUR COLLECTION DAY!! We start servicing our routes very early in the morning. We probably won’t be by your house until later in the day, but if you want to be sure not to miss us, you should put your trash out the evening before.

ROLL-OUT CART: David’s Trash Service will deliver you a 90 gallon roll-out container and provide you with once a week curbside pickup. If you need more specific services please let us know and we will accommodate you to the best of our ability. We do offer backyard services, multiple carts, and discounts for multiple properties. Please take care of our cart so that it may best service you.  As a customer you will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of your cart. David’s will replace or fix your cart under normal wear and tear. Please do not paint or deface our carts.

David’s Trash Service can also provide you with recycling services!  David’s will provide you a second 90 gallon roll-out cart that is picked up at your curbside.
BILLING: We’ll bill you by the quarter or by the year for your service. You should receive your bill during the month before it is due. You will need to send your payment in before the 15th of the month you are billed for. If we have not received payment by the 15th, a late fee will be added to your account and you will be sent a pink late notice. If your account is not paid by the date on the late notice, we will suspend your service until we receive your payment. If your trash is missed, check to see if your bill is past due. If you pay us by check and it is returned for “insufficient funds”, we will call you. Our fee for returned checks is $25.00.
CHANGE IN COLLECTION DAY: As our routes continue to grow, we may have to change your collection day. If this is necessary, we’ll make sure you are notified at least one week ahead of time. We work on holidays (except –  New Years Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day and Independence Day). If your collection day falls on one of these holidays, we’ll be picking up your trash the following day or we will notify you when your trash will be collected. If for some reason you don’t get notified, you can assume that we’ll be picking up the following day. If an unavoidable delay occurs such as a breakdown, leave your trash out and we’ll get it picked up the next day or as soon as possible. If we have a closure due to inclement weather such as a hurricane or snow, there will be no make up day. The collection will be postponed until the following week. Check our website for holiday and bad weather information. We appreciate you letting us provide your service. Any time you have a question or concern, please call us.

David's Trash Service

If you would like to sign up for service please see the Contact Us page to either email or call our office. We will give you pricing for the service that meets your needs. We have quarterly and yearly billing cycles. We will need to get your basic information to set you up with an account. We will deliver you a cart and leave a service agreement underneath the lid that will serve as your first bill. Payment would be due within 10 days of receiving the cart by either mail or online. Afterwards you will receive a postcard by mail at the end of the quarter or year which would be due by the 15th of the first month of your new quarter or year. Please note that accounts that are 30 days past due are subject to suspension/termination. We will, of course, try to contact you by phone so please make sure we have an updated phone number on your account.


David's Trash Service / 1227 Page Rd, Washington, NC 27889
Mail checks to:
David's Trash Service
PO Box 1911
Washington, NC 27889 / Phone: 252-923-2742
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